Our promise to your family

At Farm Promise®, we believe good comes from good. That’s why we’re committed to raising our pork right.
Learn what that means

When you choose Farm Promise, you’re getting more than pork, you’re getting a commitment. That means no matter which product your family is cooking up, you can enjoy every bite knowing that our company follows three simple rules with our hogs:

No Antibiotics Ever
Crate-free during gestation

Fed a Vegetarian diet

(except for milk)

Farm fresh pork decoded

At Farm Promise, we talk a lot about our dedication not only to our customers, but also to our farmers, pork and the environment. But how does all of that actually translate into what we do every day?
Vertically coordinated from our farms to your plates

From the feed used on our farms to the finished products on the shelves of your local grocery store, we’re involved at every step, working to ensure our practices are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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