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Make “Low-and-Slow” Pulled Pork in Half the Time Using an Instant Pot

Ground Pork | Farmpromise | 6 min read

Slow-cooked pork is a crowd pleaser, but it doesn’t have to take all day. The Instant Pot delivers delicious pulled

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Your Guide to Understanding Meat Packaging Claims

Pork Chops | Farmpromise | 4 min read

The United States Department of Agriculture works to ensure the claims you see on meat packaging are truthful. Make your next shopping trip easier by learning what they actually mean.

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Seven Tips to Make the Most of Your Grill

Ribs, Roasts & Loins | Farmpromise | 4 min read

Successful grill cooking is part art, part science. Follow these chef-recommended pointers to master your grill skills.

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How to Make Your Favorite Pork Dishes Keto-Friendly

Ribs, Roasts & Loins | Farmpromise | 3 min read

Followers of the ketogenic diet are encouraged to avoid carbs and load up on healthy fats, protein and vegetables. Find out how to keep pork in the mix.

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