What does raised with No Antibiotics Ever really mean?

“No Antibiotics Ever” means just that—pigs in our NAE program are not administered antibiotics through feed, water, or by injection, from birth to slaughter.

How do you keep pigs healthy without antibiotics?
Our family farmers raise all pigs in our NAE program without any antibiotics—ever. By following our high standards of care at every farm, we’re able to raise healthy hogs without the need to use antibiotics. This includes feeding our animals a wholesome vegetarian diet, and adhering to the best barn management and biosecurity practices to minimize the potential for disease.
What happens if pigs are sick and require antibiotics?
We never compromise the health of our animals. So, if there is a pig in the Farm Promise® program that requires treatment, that animal is removed from the No Antibiotics Ever segregated program and is treated to ensure its health is managed appropriately.
What does it mean that pigs are raised crate-free during gestation?

Crate-free during gestation is a type of housing system for pregnant pigs, also known as sows. Our sows spend their entire pregnancy in an open pen system, giving them the freedom to play and roam with other pigs.

How does that differ from the industry standard?
Currently, the majority of sows in the pork production industry spend their time in gestation crates. These crates help to minimize embryonic or fetal losses, but do not give the sows room to walk about their pens. There are pros and cons to each type of system, and our farms have been able to move to open pen gestation with success.
Why are pigs fed a vegetarian diet?
Our pigs are fed an entirely vegetarian diet aside from milk-based on consultations with accredited nutritionists and pig nutrition professionals. As our pigs move through their lifecycle, their diet is adjusted to match their changing needs. It’s this wholesome combination that helps our hogs stay healthy and maintain strong immune systems.
What is the benefit to being vertically coordinated?
We take ownership of every process within our business. It’s this approach that allows us to ensure consistent, quality products no matter where they are purchased. Our network allows for complete transparency for the full lifecycle and includes feed mills, Country View Family Farms, food processing and transport.
Do the hogs live on an open pasture?
No. Our hogs are raised indoors which allows us to maintain tight biosecurity standards and keep the hogs out of the elements in climate controlled areas.
Why do you call out “Except for Milk”?
Our hogs are fed milk protein from birth until weaned at about 3 weeks of age. While no animal by-products are given to Vegetarian Fed hogs other than milk protein during this life stage, we call this out to provide full transparency and comply with label requirements.
How can I be sure that all Farm Promise farmers adhere to the same standards?
Unlike other companies who source their hogs from a vast array of farmers with different raising practices and standards, our vertically coordinated network of sow farms allows us to maintain tight control over raising practices and animal care standards.

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