Middle of the day. Top of the line.


Flavor for the family table.


Flavor for the family table.


The perfect way to start the day.


Our Promise

Pork, with a promise.

When you buy Farm Promise™ pork, it comes with a real, reliable promise.

Our pork is raised by family farmers—people whose names we know, and whose methods we trust. We are deeply committed to delivering the wholesome, delicious pork our customers look for, while carefully safeguarding and sustaining the land and livestock that make our products second to none.


Quality pork, quality process.

At Farm Promise™, we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible. We’re committed to bringing you great tasting quality products that you’ll be proud to enjoy with your friends and family. There are no short cuts—only choice cuts. There are no compromises—which is why there’s no growth hormones or antibiotics used in any of our products.

All our hogs are raised humanely on family farms, by people we know and trust. Our sows are housed in open, group environments—not because it’s easy, but because it’s right. Farm Promise™ pork products taste good, because they are.

At Farm Promise™, it’s pretty clear about what sets our pork apart:

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • Ethically Raised on Family Farms
  • Fed a Vegetarian Diet
  • Raised without Growth Promotants


The family farmers in the Farm Promise™ family.

Every single Farm Promise™ farmer truly puts their heart into their work. They’re all local Pennsylvania farmers, and every single one raises hogs with care on a family-owned farm following practices that have been in place for generations.