Our Promise

Pork With A Real, Reliable Promise.

At Farm Promise®, we believe that Good Comes From Good™, and that what you put into the world is what you get back. It’s why we’ve made a commitment to bring goodness to everything we do—from our dedication to quality, No Antibiotics Ever pork to supporting local agriculture through our vertically-coordinated network – from our American Family Farmers to our facilities and distribution to our customers.

We’re committed to bringing you No Antibiotics Ever great tasting quality products you’ll be proud to enjoy with your friends and family. We take the time to do it the right way because it’s the right thing to do, for our animals and for you.

We take our commitment to goodness very seriously, and it’s clear what sets our pork apart:

No Antibiotics Ever
Crate-free during gestation
Fed a Vegetarian diet (except for milk)
Vertically coordinated from our farms to your plates
Farm Promise® is always:
Raised without growth promotants+
No Added Hormones or Steroids Added++
Made in the U.S.A
+ Ractopamine free diet.
No Added Hormones or Steroids for Growth

A Commitment to Goodness Takes Transparency

We believe we have a moral obligation to provide a safe environment for the animals in our care. We continuously improve our animal care processes based on sound science, veterinary experts and agricultural experience and expertise as a part of our overall Clemens Food Group® commitment to animal care.

Farm Promise® pigs are never administered antibiotics, ever. And we never compromise the health of our animals. So, if there is a pig in the Farm Promise® program that requires treatment, that animal is removed from the No Antibiotics Ever segregated program and is treated to ensure its health is managed appropriately.

All Farm Promise® animals are fed a vegetarian diet (except for milk) formulated and administered based on consultation with an accredited nutritionist or pig nutrition professional, and must be adjusted throughout the lifecycle to meet the pigs’ changing nutritional needs. They are never fed animal by-products; this means our pigs are not fed animal meal, such as blood meal, bone meal, fish meal or animal fats. These fats are instead replaced with soybean oils.

All our pigs are raised on American family farms, by people we know and trust. And our Farm Promise® pigs are crate-free during gestation- this means they are housed in open, group environments during pregnancy—not because it’s easy, but because it’s right.

Moving Weaned Pigs

What are our farms like?

Watch the Farm Promise® video below for more information about our farming practices and some of the amazing American farmers behind our promise.