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Flavor for the family table.


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Our Farmers

Sustainable, humane farming isn’t anything new.

Truth be told, many of our farmers have been doing it for generations.

Not just anyone can qualify to be a Farm Promise™ farmer; we have high standards for how our hogs are raised. But these dedicated, hardworking people share our values for well-raised pork. And we couldn’t be prouder that they’re part of the Farm Promise™ family—raising hogs the right way, every single day.



Middleburg, PA

Merv and Arlene both grew up on farms with a love for animals and farming. Early on, they knew this was the lifestyle and environment they wanted for their four children.

Their philosophy of raising animals in a clean, healthy, humane environment is a legacy that has been in their family for four generations of farming.

The pride and passion that the Martins have for farming can be seen and experienced in the beauty and serenity of their family farm.


Middleburg, PA

Dale and Betsy bought their farm in 1983 and have been farming as a family for over 30 years. In 2013 they made a major investment into their hog nursery and became Farm Promise™ farmers.

Family, community, caring for the land and animals, and wholesome living are values that anchor the Feltman family.

Dale and Betsy have a passion for farming, which is evident in their commitment to providing the highest quality hogs to Farm Promise™.


Neelyton, PA

Tyler is a young, new generation farmer—grounded in three generations of family farming. He officially purchased his farm in 2009, which was started by his great-grandfather in 1929.

Tyler takes pride in knowing that the hogs on his farm are of the highest quality available and have been cared for with the highest standards. It is a rewarding, satisfying feeling for him.

Tyler has been farming since he was big enough to reach the tractor pedals and today, he is proud to be farming for the Farm Promise™ brand.


Harrisonville, PA

Growing up and working on his parents’ and grandparents’ farm, Jason knew at an early age that farming was how he wanted to live his life.

Jason takes pleasure in knowing that his hogs are raised like the old days—with no antibiotics and are cared for in an open, humane environment.

As a Farm Promise™ farmer, Jason knows that the pork that comes from his hogs is of the highest quality.


Muncy, PA

Denny and Brenda were both born and raised on family farms. Their love of farming is evident in the care and pride they take on their 500-acre family farm in Muncy, PA.

Two of their children, Toby and Curvin, have followed in the family footsteps of farming. Toby owns and operates his grandparents’ farm, and Curvin works with his parents on the family farm.

The Wagner family has been farming five generations and are proud to be an official farm for the Farm Promise™ brand.